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About me

My name is Malik Shaw and I'm a game designer. I love just about everything to do with Video-games and games in general. I've chose this field for that reason an I am dedicated to producing the best project, product or piece of work that I can.


Employment Experience:

Air Force: Hurlburt Field, Fort Walton Beach, FL                September 2016 - January 2018

* Utilizes tech orders/special tools/test equip to inspect, troubleshoot, remove/install, and perform operational checks

* Conducts upgrade and continuation training; completes routine/urgent time compliance technical order modifications

Kadena, Air Base, Japan                                                          September 2014- September 2016


*Leads & performs scheduled/unscheduled organizational- level mx ISO 9 HH-60G Pavehawk acft valued over 360M

* Follows tenants of acft mx; maintains/obliges TO usage, trng upgrade/compliance & safety requirements on flight line

* Identifies maintenance trouble areas from Maintenance Data Collection System--Recommends corrective procedures


Skills and Experience gained over Time

* Excellent Team Leadership
* Troubleshooting
* Wire Maintenance 
* Great Communication Skills
* Good Work Ethic
* Able to Follow Instructions and Deliver Exceptional Results
* Team Player
* Prioritizing

* Can Work in High Stress Situations



University of Advancing Technology                                                January 2019 - Present


Design Projects:


Orginal Concept

The 4v1 Strategy Board game

For our midterm, we made a board-game named Arena. Arena is a four versus 1 strategy board game where four champions must work together to take down a monster in their domain. My part in this project was creating the rules and certain classes abilities. The game played well and with more time I believe we could have made it even better.

The Rules


Empathy Framework

Personal project made that goes over empathy in video games and why we should be doing it.

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